Early Signs Of Pregnancy: The 7 Most Common Symptoms

One of the most common questions that is laden with so much importance and value is this: “Am I pregnant?” A negative answer will either be met with a gesture of frustration or a sigh of relief. A positive answer will warn the subject that she will have to prepare for the sacrifices and joys of motherhood.

So, are you pregnant?

Of course, such can only be determined by knowing the different early signs of pregnancy and whether you experience them or not.

Here are the 7 most common early signs of pregnancy.

1. Missed menstruation. The first, and most telling, of the early signs of pregnancy is a missed period. There are many possible reasons for a missed period aside from pregnancy. Stress, particular medications, specific disorders, and a change of lifestyle are the most common triggers of this condition. However, a missed menstruation should be a warning that a pregnancy test be used to determine, with certainty, whether or not the subject is pregnant.

2. Tenderness of breasts. Tender, swollen breasts are often experienced by women who are about to have their period. But if no period is forthcoming and this condition is encountered, then, chances are, such can be considered as one of the immediate pregnancy symptoms. Hormonal changes within the body during the first 2 weeks of pregnancy cause the soreness of the breasts.

3. Feeling of fatigue for no apparent reason. Feeling tired even if you haven’t engaged in extraneous physical activities? During the first few weeks of pregnancy, the body produces progesterone, a hormone that can sap the strength from our system. Too much progesterone can even put the subject to sleep, a reason why sleepiness can also be considered as one of the common early signs of pregnancy.

4. Constipation. During the first few weeks of pregnancy, when the aforementioned progesterone is produced in relatively large quantities, the intestines clog up making digestion a little more complicated. This can lead to constipation, one of the known, though less serious, pregnancy symptoms.

5. Morning sickness. Next to a missed menstruation, nausea is the most famous – or infamous – of the early signs of pregnancy. Morning sickness is composed of headaches, dizziness, and vomiting, and can last for hours. Morning sickness doesn’t have to transpire in the morning. It can plague the subject at any time during the day. Nausea is caused by the rapid rise and fall of estrogen levels in the body, something which is an inevitable manifestation of pregnancy.

6. Mood swings. Giddy one moment and depressed the next? Don’t blame yourself. Don’t be alarmed about a possible mental disorder. Mood swings are part and parcel of pregnancy symptoms, and are caused by the hormones that flood your system during the first few weeks of gestation.

7. Heightened senses – often for the worse. You may develop sudden aversion to particular food types that you have tolerated – or even loved – before. It’s either because you suddenly despise the way they look, the way they feel, or the way they smell. This is but a normal component of early signs of pregnancy, again attributable to the hormones that the body produces in preparation for the child you will carry in your womb.

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